About VIP Leadership Institute

We understand that the principle of power for greatness lies within everyone. Our mission is to deliver exceptional leadership training and ongoing high performance coaching support to key personnel, supervisors, managers, and to employees at all levels; recognizing that everyone has the capacity to lead with grace and greatness.

We transform leadership by offering valued innovative proactive plus leadership training and greatness workshops that develops each person’s ability to focus, to speak, inspire, influence, and to embrace grace and compassion.

Rabon (Ray) Coleman is a high performance business coach and leadership expert and founder of VIP Leadership Institute. Rabon has held a top leadership position in a Fortune 500 company and has owned and operated numerous successful businesses. Rabon is the author and producer or “Principles of Power to GREATNESS” workshops.

Rabon is a coach, writer, and frequent speaker on leadership and greatness. He has long been passionate about leadership and helping organizations and individuals transform into high-level performers.

Rabon maintains a personal investment and commitment in his clients’ success and performance.

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