Beginning the Journey To G R E A T- O C R A C Y

Life is a journey and there are many roads and paths that we must travel to reach our destinations. Many take the ordinary road that has boundaries and signs of caution for us to stay within our comfort zones. Some elect to take the low road because of their lack of determination, self-limiting beliefs, and their personal constraints. There are many at the crossroads of their lives where major choices and decisions are awaiting them on this important journey of life.

The road less traveled is the road to Great-ocracy. The people who travel this road have a different way of life – one in which their mindset is to make a difference for themselves, others, their community, and the nation. Their choice to travel this road was not just wishing or hoping – it was about the big commitment to becoming more of themselves.

Once the commitment is made, a deeper meaning of life develops. Passion for your true purpose in life is realized and a high level of energy is released. This passion drives great power to unleash the inner leader and mindset of Great-ocracy.

Great-ocracy is available to everyone regardless of their beliefs, religion, race, age, or nationalities.

Great-ocracy is a way of life where you can reach beyond your comfort zone for something greater than yourself. This principle of power for Great-ocracy is in every person. Men and women can develop their own Great-ocracy by the intellectual use and personal direction of this very powerful principle. They are in connection with a reserve of great power that is without boundaries, limits, and stretching way beyond their comfort zone.

As we travel along this great journey to Great-ocracy, the purpose of life for men and women is growth; just as the purpose of life for flowers, plants, and trees is growth. We understand the necessity of growing, and it is essential to our success that we travel with a sense of purpose. That purpose is something that we can create and pursue along this journey.

The principle of Great-ocracy lies within all of us. This principle of great power can give you what you ask of it. When we only pursue small things and ask for small things, it will only give us the power to achieve small things in our lives. When we try to do great things in a great way, it will always give us the great power that is possible to achieve the extraordinary results that we are pursuing.

We must continue to develop the discipline of going the extra mile. We have this great power to fully become what we want to become. You can take the road to Great-ocracy right now. The journey to Great-ocracy starts from within. On this journey, we must develop a greater belief in our abilities to succeed and have faith in our skills to unleash the inner game and convince others of our true self value.

We must no longer be ordinary and ineffective. We must take action to grow, develop, and become the change that is needed in this world. We can all see the need for great leadership in our nation, our communities and in our organizations. We have to start helping ourselves before we can help others.

Our lives are formed by the beliefs and the perspectives that we have formed, and when we change our beliefs, we can create an immediate shift in our lives and in our organizations. There are no limits to your success in Great-ocracy when you commit to growing and becoming more valuable. You are always in control of your life regardless of your outside situations. You will not be falling behind if you continue to go forward with your great power.

On this journey, we must consistently improve our perspective, our mindset, and intelligence on how Great-ocracy is achieved and how you look at yourself and others. This great power of energy and confidence will move you towards your purpose in life. Many people will never reach their full potential in life because they have stopped growing, developing, and progressing towards a purpose that is greater than themselves.

Great-ocracy helps us to unleash the power of the mind, take ownership of our work, envision the future with total clarity, and be bold and courageous in reaching high expectations and performances. So want is blocking you from reaching high level of Great-ocracy?

You are unique and different, and you need to embrace being different with this great power. There are many people who settle for much less than their full potential in life. We are all extraordinary and we come into this world with unlimited abilities, talents and potential that we never utilize on this journey of life.

A very defining question to ask ourselves: who are we, where are we going, and how can we add to a deeper meaning of life for ourselves? How can we best serve others?

Reaching high performance and becoming extraordinary is much more than just pure luck. It’s all about our dedication and commitment of becoming more of who we are. Each day is a new beginning on this journey. Starting with a high-energy level and total clarity of your purpose will give you a great power of strength that will make you more productive in a very powerful way. The world needs change – you can become that change. You are now becoming that which you are to be. Do more, become more, and be the best version of yourself on this great journey to Great-ocracy.

(Excerpt from “GREAT-OCRACY”, a book written by
Rabon (Ray) Coleman of VIP Leadership Institute)


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